Wedding Biel Bienne

Congratulations a wedding is getting nearer!!!

Knowing how important such a celebration is important for you, we would therefore like to help you realize the perfect cake for your most special day.

We offer you an exclusive, original, customized and 100% artisanal cake, with a wide range of flowers, colors, details and arrangements…our knowledge and professionalism we strive to put into each detail.

We choose and work only with the best and freshest natural ingredients, without conservatives nor artificial additives, this guarantees a product of quality and which meets the expectations of our customers.

  • Chocolate heavy cake with  aroma of liqueur  and passionfruit filling.
  •  Chocolate cake with a perfum of brandy and filling wiht swiss meringue of raspberry.
  •  Orange cake with a bathed with orange liqueur and a Swiss Orange cream filling.
  •  Lemon tart, with a light coating of lemon crud and filling a swiss meringue buttercream lemon.
  •  Cake banana and nuts with a delicious filling of dulce de leche.

To take as a reference.

Portions serving

Prices for a cake with fondant start at 11.- CHF per piece.

For a buttercream cake, prices start at 9.- CHf per piece.

We also propose towers of cupcakes, and cookies and cake pops to offer to your guests.

Do not hesitate to write us a line and we will be more than happy to provide you with all the information you would like:

Wedding cakes with prices over 500.- CHF include free shipping within a 100km radius around the city of Biel/Bienne.

The presentation of the cake is very important, which is why we include in the price of your wedding cake the rental of the presentation stand if the customer wishes to have it. We do ask for a 100.- CHF deposit which is refundable upon return in the original condition of the stand within 10 days following the wedding, directly to our  address. ( the price of the cake must be greater than 400.- CHF)

We are at your disposal to help you during an appointment Tasting (Once the order has been confirmed)

The Order confirmation to make a payment of 20% of the total price.