Frequently Asked Questions

What information is necessary in order to calculate the quote (Price) for my order?

Indicate the product that you want to order
Date of the event
Number of portions in the case of a cake or number of pieces of the product(s) you want to order
Flavor of the product(s) along with filling/frosting (when applicable)
The type of event and/or theme of the event, along with all information which can help us better understand what you are looking for, along with suggestions of colors, shapes, figures or proposals in terms of design or other in case you have ideas/ requests in that respect.

How to send out my order?

You can do so on our web site through our contact form or by email at

How do I pay for my orders?

We kindly ask you to make an initial payment of 50% of the value of your order at the time of your order and the balance 50% at pick-up of your order. You can also choose to pay 100% upfront the value of your order; this can be done through a bank transfer or bank deposit on our account.

Do you make home deliveries?

Unfortunately we do not yet deliver. Orders are available only by pick-up at our house at the following address: Tscheneyweg 35, 2504 Biel/Bienne.

How far in advance do I need to place my order?

All our creations are unique. We do not freeze nor keep inventory, and this explains why we kindly ask that you place your order as soon as possible prior to the date of the event. We ask that you place your order at least 7 days in advance of the date you need it by. If you need to place an order with less than those 7 days advance notice, please write us an email and we will do our best to see if we can still meet your request.

For large orders, like weddings, we kindly ask you to place your order at least 15 days before the date you need it by.

I would like a stand or presentation tower to display my cupcakes and cakes, can I rent them from you?

Yes, we do have various types of stands, supports and towers to go along your order so that it will look even more impressive on your table. You can rent them for a fee and for a length of up to 3 days before they should be returned. In case they are lost or returned damaged, we will charge you for the price of the display.