Cupcakes Biel Bienne

A cupcake is a small and delicious small cake, composed of cake, frosting and a decoration which could be sprinkles, toppers, figures, printings or whatever else you may want!
It is the perfect dessert for any type of celebration or just to enjoy a sweet moment.

  • Chocolate (with melted chocolate in the middle!) and chocolate buttercream.
  • Vanilla with vanilla buttercream.
  • Red Velvet with cheese cream frosting.
  • Banana with cheese cream frosting.
  • Carrot (contains raisins and nuts) with cheese cream frosting.
  • Lemon with lemon buttercream.
  • Dulce de leche (with creamy dulce de leche in the middle!) and dulce de leche buttercream.
  • Nutella (with yummy Nutella in the middle!) and Nutella buttercream.

Standard cupcakes (5cm diameter x 3cm height) plus Icing /Frosting (2.5cm height) – Minimum order quantity is 12 pieces.


The price of our cupcakes are determined in terms of hours needed to achieve the order and mainly the type of decoration used, therefore we can only give price estimates here:

  • Standard cupcake: with frosting of the color of your choosing with sprinkles or Nonpareil.
  • Cupcake with print: has a frosting and over this frosting we print on sugar paper whatever you would like! It could be a picture, an image or a message. All in edible ink, you can include up to 2 designs for each 12 pieces: 6.- CHF per unit for standard size .
  • Cupcake with topper: has a frosting and over this frosting comes a topper with hand made sugar paste decoration, up to 2 designs for each 12 units, the price here varies depending on the complication of the design so can be between 6.50 CHF and 7.50 CHF per unit .

Frosting of Buttercream: these can stay at room temperature not more than 20ºC in a cool, dry area until 3 days after delivery. Stays fresher in a closed Tupperware.

Cheese cream frosting: needs to be refrigerated & removed 30 minutes before serving. Keep up to 3 days after delivery.

All our decorations and figures are edible, they are made with fondant or gumpaste of varying hardness based on the type of design or authorized food coloring.

You will receive your cupcakes in a box which enables its safe transport in vehicles.