Bonjour and Welcome

foto_verticalMy name is Susana,

I was born in Lima, Peru. Yes, the land of the Incas!

Dentist by profession, a writer of life matters (by the way you can still buy my books on amazon if you are interested in dentistry, lol).

And finally cake designer by calling… in the last 10 years I have gone from living in the north, then south and now the center of Europe and that is when I decided to venture on this project that I had been thinking about for many years, a dream which has now been made a reality.

Sweetzland was born because life is too short not to do what you really enjoy, this is what I love to do, what I am committed to and my true passion.
Why Sweetzland? Because we are in Switzerland of course :)

During these last years I have pursued odontology in parallel with my training as cake designer, following exhaustive trainings conducted in several countries and additional courses given by the best known professionals in the pastry field.

Besides my work, I am also the mother to three lovely girls who often make me go from total happiness to extreme chaos ..within a few seconds but they are without a doubt my best companions and critics!

Thank you for visiting my web site and I will do my best to meet all of your expectations and desires because for sure my work will be for someone special.

Happy day and welcome to my world!

Susana Faivet