Black and white is in style

These last weeks we have received several orders around the black and white theme…and we loved doing them!!!

I wanted to share here with you some of the works, some cookies with a blackboard effect…completely customized for each guest


A cake with 100% edible sugar prints



Another cake around the MOVIES theme, really very special for a double birthday


Congratulations to all our Sweetzland friends on their celebrations!



Mode: the Snow Queen!

We have encountered a feverish rise around Frozen requests at Sweetzland over the past few weeks, here are some examples of our related work…

Frozen cake in Bienne Biel

And more and more. Elsa, Ana and looooots of snow…

Frozen cake in Bienne Biel

Of course her good friend Olaf could not miss the party

Frozen cake in Bienne Biel

Happy birthday to all our Frozen fans!

Some ideas for a baby shower

The celebration of a baby’s arrival is always something special, for me it gets me very excited… I never had one, maybe I should try for a fourth child in order to finally have one myself, lol.

Baby shower cake in Bienne Biel

Here are some of our latest designs, cookies…

Cookies in Biel Bienne 2More cookies, cake pops and some cupcakes

Cookies baby shower in Bienne Biel

Welcome to the world babies!


Wedding cake for the Steiners

A summer wedding at the lake and a beautiful couple… The basic colors requested by the couple were white, black and blush On the first floor we placed horizontal lines in black and white. On the second floor a smooth surface brightened with a light blush color, and the third floor all white with letters all the way on top.

Gâteau de mariage à Bienne Biel

The flowers that decorated the cake were a closed peony, an English rose with a button next to it and a few hydrangeas.

Wedding cake in Bienne Biel

In summary, a beautiful elegant cake with well combined colors

Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Steiner!

Our latest work…

It has been a very colorful month , I love making cute cakes.. here some of our latest work:

Catalina’s mother was very clear.. a small bird, with a house and an owl… for the first birthday of her little one … mixed pastel colors, 3D designs!

Commander gateau personnaliser a Bienne Biel

Next up was a wish for three animals for Oia’s second birthday: a horse, a pig and a sheep .. all animals were hand modeled in 3D and everything in sugar of course… here is our farm cake..

Farm cake in Biel Bienne

And finally for cute and sweet … Peppa pig, a cake of 25 cm. I had to bring in a big Peppa :)
The request was for a cake with a sweet looking pig having a picnic in the field… a cake as sweet as little Anna Catharina

Peppa pig cake in Biel Bienne

Congratulations and thank you for your trust in Sweetzland!

Cake without fondant

Zoé just turned 1 !!!

This time I was looking for something different.. because not everything in life turns around fondant, something simple but cute…So in the end came a layer cake with three layers of chocolate, filled with raspberry syrup and raspberry Swiss meringue, with some frosting on top.. soooooo good!

Buttercream cake Bienne Biel

For the decoration some edible pearls edibles caught my eye (they were a very cute gift from our friends at… (some beautiful pastels and bright colors and with a great taste)

Order online cake cakes birthday weeding in Biel Bienne suisse Switzerland

Happy Birthday our little princess!

Easter time!

At Sweetzland Easter has already arrived…..

Cupcakes in  Bienne Biel NIdau Evilard

Tired of offering the traditional chocolate eggs?
This year, take advantage of our special Easter offer by giving your loved ones a very special and delicious present…A box of 6 cupcakes with the following possible prints:
Happy Easter / Fröhliche Ostern / Joyeuses Pâques
Price per box : 35 CHF  /  Possible flavors : Chocolate or vanilla
Place your orders at the following email address:
Happy Easter!




And then came the day of Mia´s birthday!

A cake with a pony, pink with many many hearts …And that she received!

Cake Biel Bienne

I like simple, clean designs and I always say that sometimes less is better … so that’s what I did .. her favorite pony, pink with hearts all around it… as she wanted :)

She also wanted the inside of the cake to be pink .. that girl has an obsession for pink, right?!

In terms of flavor, one of my favorite combinations, vanilla cake filled with raspberry Swiss meringue buttercream. Simply spectacular!

Gâteaux Biel BienneAnd there goes my little one happier and happier, four years already … and starting school after the summer !!!!! (which as you can imagine will make mommy happy with a few hours more of spare time to dedicate to more new creations ;)

Kuchen Biel Bienne

And now waiting  for the next birthday … Zoé!

Have a sweet day

Susana Faivet

Andrea is already 9 years old!

The time has come to make one of the most special and difficult cakes for me during the year .. the birthday cake of one of my daughters, Andrea … my sweet Andrea.  Amazing how time flies, 9 years already.. so the mandatory question to be asked here is of course:

- “What do you want your cake to look like ???”
– “Well mom, very easy, just put me above the cake .. so easy, easy, with my short hair and much like me .. and with flowers, please.”

For a nine-year old girl everything is easy!

I wanted to step out of the usual classic pink for girls and change for other colors, so I found a mural wallpaper design that I really liked and that is what I used to make the first floor of the cake… 100% edible paper with a vintage floral design.


The second floor was a smooth cake which should not be too crowded and of course over it my sweet Andrea … as always .. with a cute vintage green dress and a flower in her hands… and obviously with that huge smile she always has on! And so it went


A chocolate cake filled with Cheese cream nutella buttercream and covered with fondant.

Finally I ask myself which one was more difficult: making the cake or attempting to amuse Andrea’s 15 friends full of energy, which ended up being the most stressful four hours I have had in a long time…
But in the end everyone was alive, no one got hurt and above all everyone happy :)

Andrea blog

Finally at the end of this long day … after having finished collecting the last popcorn off the ground … and it seems I am learning the lesson .. so again I ask the mandatory question to my next daughter:

And you, Mia… in two months you will have your birthday so how you would like your cake to look like ???”
“ Mom,  please a cake with a pony, pink with many many hearts …”

Well, this leaves me with just over a month to brainstorm again … such is life, everything centers around the children and constantly looking for ways to make them happy

Here we go again!

I wish you a happy day and of course a prosperous new year 2015 filled with much joy and less stress :P

Susana Faivet

Winnie the pooh for the first year of Vova

When Vova’s mother contacted us to make the Winnie the Pooh cake, a smile came to my face….

Ohhhh my sweet Winnie has been my favorite bear for many years. I used to have at  home his pillows, plush animals, bedding, books and many other things. It was even common at this time to go to the university with notebooks of the sweet Winnie :)

Finally, to start the work, the first question was which Winnie should I create? Traditional or baby? In my time, there was not a Winnie baby .. So the mother took the right decision and chose Baby Winnie!

Primera imagen post Vova

For the first birthday of little Vova’s cake I designed Winnie and his friend Tiger.

08-1 A vanilla cake filled with dulce de Leche Swiss Meringue Buttercream, covered with fondant and decorated with printer sugar paper designs and sugar paste.

The first level is a forest with Winnie in a landscape of cute bees


The second level is a tree for small Winnie


Here is a picture of the little Vova (as sweet as the cake )


Dear Vova´s parents, thanks for trusting in Sweetzland!

Have a sweet day

Susana Faivet